Friday, December 3, 2010

Last day of our season for 2010

It is so hard to believe we started last strawberry season ( around June 1st) and now here we are with a Christmas tree all decorated with western gifts( of course) and Spur of The Moment greeting cards.

 It has been a fun day with all of our "regulars", you are such a blessing to our small business.

 We are having what we call "Apple Day". All the good keepers ( Ida Reds, Mutzu, Granny Smith etc...) are for sale and everyone seems to be trying different tactics for making them last through the winter. We will be curious to see which one is the most successful. Even though our stand is closed until strawberry season 2011, we will continue to blog in hopes at getting really good at this computer, so check in, when you think of us. Mrs. Lenox (English teacher of my past) would be having a cow over that last sentence and the comma use).