Friday, November 19, 2010


If you have been  to our farm and fruit shack you will know we decorate with a little bit western and horses.  Of course we have "Horse" in the title of our farm and there is no Horse Creek running through our property......when we opened, we had thought about something with the reference of Lakecreek in the title of our operation. We were close to that creek and we were on the corner of Lakecreek/Peoria/Irish Bend Loop. Several of our neighbors had Lakecreek in their farm titles, so out of the interest in horses, came the name.

We hope you like the name!

You will understand when I say go see the movie Secretariat!!!!! You have got to go see it on the big screen.
Everyone walked out of the movie with a spirit of "Go Big Red". I came home and fed my horses and told them, they may not have Secretariat's speed, but they all had personalities, just like him.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunshine in November

Welcome to Horse Creek Farms. We started our "little shack" about 15 years ago with a table and umbrella and self-service. It has been so fun and our dedicated customers have allowed our farm to grow and be successful. We are open during harvest season starting June 1st with strawberries.

 I wish I could take every one of you with us in the morning when we walk through the orchard;  getting ready to pick peaches,it is a fragrance we never get tired of.